The 2016 Wauwatosa Plein Air Event is an invitation to all artists to spend time painting outdoors throughout the city of Wauwatosa.
The event will feature an auction/sale with part of the proceeds going to support the  Historic Wauwatosa Cemetery.


Inextricably tied to the history of Wauwatosa, the cemetery dates from 1854 and the chapel,
originally the First Baptist Church of Wauwatosa, from 1852. And now it’s the 21st century and we need your help.

cemetery_building1The Chapel

The Chapel first stood on the SW corner of North and Wauwatosa Avenues where Enoch Underwood, minister, preached to his little congregation. A well known abolitionist, he and his flock shepherded many runaway slaves to safety in Canada. The congregation grew, a new and larger church was built and the little chapel was eventually moved into the cemetery in 1914. Architects have determined that the chapel has withstood the years pretty well but does need renovation to become code compliant and usable for today’s funeral requirements and other community uses.


The Cemetery

First located on a hill overlooking the Village at the corner of Wauwatosa and Milwaukee Avenues. The cemetery, organized in 1854, quickly became too small and too close to the bustling business district below. Enoch Underwood donated some land about a mile north facilitating the relocation to the present site. Many of Wauwatosa’s earliest settlers, prominent citizens and veterans of nearly every war including the American Revolution have found a final resting place here.




Because so many monuments predate the inception of perpetual funds the cemetery also has serious needs for regular maintenance. The roads were built for the horse and carriage and while they may be charming, they need widening and replacing.





A recent inventory disclosed 221 trees on the property, some in need of removal for safety reasons others for disease while others need general pruning. Any trees removed will need to be replaced with species that are appropriate to a cemetery setting and require little maintenance.




For more information about the Wauwatosa Cemetery, call: 414-453-0872 or visit their website at